Commercial Process - Level 1


Commercial Process - Level 1

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COST: $525 + GST  (2 payments of $275.63 INCL GST)

1 class / week, 4 weeks
Instructors: Bill Mondy

The main focus of this class is the development of your announcer and character reads for radio and television
commercials, as well as your narrative, reads for documentaries and corporate videos.

Next Session: Sundays JUNE 4, 11, 18 (this day only 6:30pm-10pm), 25  2-5:30pm

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    • Work in a professional studio, with industry-standard equipment
    • Increase your ability to take direction and adjust your reads accordingly.
    • Adjust your style of read depending on the tone of the project.
    • Get comfortable bringing your unique personality to your work.
    • Practice tuning your ear to create consistency in your performance.
    • Become familiar with the audition process by doing mock auditions.
    • Fine-tune your ability to break down a voice-over script.
    • Expand your vocal range with challenging characters and unique styles of reads. 
    • Learn how to bring believability and different levels of emotionality to the work.
    • Participate in in-depth discussion on business elements such as voice-over agents, demos, and online voice casting services. 
    • Learn the key elements to putting together a competitive voice-over demo.
    • Receive all of your recorded work on an mp3 at the end of each 4-week session.