The Best of ‘Booth’ Worlds

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Saturday June 3rd 10am to 5pm - Sunday June 4th 10am to 5pm

On The Mic Training is proud to bring Brian Drummond and Cindy Akers to OTM studios for an Animation Weekend Intensive.  Two of the most successful people in the animation industry (Voice-Actor Brian Drummond and Voice-Director Cindy Akers) will lead the weekend. Students will get a chance to develop their process and character development on Day 1 with Brian and then focus on auditions and industry experience on Day 2 with Cindy.


Brian Drummond, one of the busiest animation voice actors in North America will lead Day 1 with developing your process as an Animation Voice-Actor.  

  • Learn how to break down a script
  • Learn how to create characters that are in your wheelhouse
  • Learn how to develop archetypes that appeal to you and your personality
  • Learn how to take direction
  • Learn how to self-direct
  • Learn about what’s expected from you in the room


Cindy Akers, one of the busiest voice directors in Canada will lead Day 2 with developing your audition techniques and tools as an Animation Voice-Actor.

  • Learn how to best prepare for your audition
  • Learn how to adjust during your audition
  • Learn how to take direction 
  • Learn what to listen for from a voice-director
  • Learn how to self-direct for MP3 auditions
  • Learn about what’s going on behind the glass

With industry scripts, OTM Studios and over 50 years of combined experience, Brian Drummond and Cindy Akers will bring you:

The Best of ‘Booth’ Worlds!



BRIAN DRUMMOND is an award winning 25 yr veteran of the animation VO industry.

As one of the busiest animation voice actors in North America, Brian has voiced some of the animation world’s most iconic characters in thousands of episodes of animation. He’s voiced such roles as Vegeta in DragonBall Z, Dr. Claw in Inspector Gadget and Wolverine, Venom & Iron Man in a numerous Marvel series. From roles in X-men, Spiderman, Iron Man, Transformers & Lego Star Wars, to My Little Pony, Baby Looney Tunes, Hotwheels, & George of the Jungle, Brian’s characters can be heard everywhere.



CINDY AKERS has been in the business for over 20 years and still loves her job! Clients and actors alike sing her praises as a prominent voice director known for creating an atmosphere that truly brings out the best in everyone. Originally starting her career in Los Angeles and having immigrated to Canada in 2002, she brings a sharp awareness of the talent pool in two of animation's top markets. Cindy has voice-directed animated series and movies such as Nina’s World, Mother Up, Sabrina: Secrets of a Teen Age Witch, Rated A for Awesome, League of Super Evil, Geronimo Stilton, Hero:108, Edgar & Ellen, Leap Frog and many more!

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The Best of ‘Booth’ Worlds!
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