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Business of Voice-Over Lecture

Business of Voice-Over Lecture

Learn about the Voice-Over industry inside and outside Vancouver.

Noel Johansen is well versed in the world of Voice-Over having worked in animation, commercials, narration, and promotion. He is one of the owners and partners on On The Mic Training working with some of the most in demand voice actors and voice directors in the city. This 4 hour talk will be August 19th from 10 am to 2 pm in On The Mic's classroom. This business is about more than having a great voice and knowing how to use it, industry knowledge in imperative to success. The talk will feature information on:

  • Casting and Auditions

  • Representation

  • Industry trends and fashion

  • Unions and Members

  • Professional etiquette

  • Income / Pay

  • Professional development

Business of Voice-Over Lecture

A 4 hour Lecture and Q & A with Voice-Over Professional Noel Johansen. He has been in the industry for years working in Commercials, Narration, Promotion, Film, Animation. As one of the owners and partners of On The Mic Training he has a ton of knowledge and experience to pass on to the next generation of Voice-Over Pro's. This lecture is attached to our home studio set up weekend. So If you like you can take the full weekend which includes the 4 hour talk and 10 hours of home studio instruction. 

Saturday December 8th 10 am - 2 pm. (Open Seats)

Email Harrison if you would like more information.

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