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Marice Tobias "Tricky business" Voice-over workshop

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Marice Tobias' "Tricky Business"
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It is the #1 issue that can frustrate and inhibit worthy talent from winning more work. Reads go out, but often, little to no word comes back unless a booking occurs. Yet, it's the way more auditions are booked and go to finish, as well as the jobs that just want to record and deliver.

With the growing demand for bookable, self-directed reads, the expanding number of players at the table, shifting demographics, seismic changes in casting and how we communicate - simple staying on your perch let alone reaching new vistas is about as tricky as it gets.

Join us for this new intensive and bring new insights, tools, and certainty to addressing scripts & assessing reads before delivering them.

Join us for this deep dive into what’s below the surface and gain a full understanding of:

  • The State of the Art and Industry, today: 

  • Home Studios Self-Driecting

  • Marketing, Representation

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