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Brian Drummond is an award winning 25 yr veteran of the animation VO industry. As one of the busiest animation voice actors in North America, Brian has voiced some of the animation world’s most iconic characters in thousands of episodes of animation. He’s voiced such roles as Vegeta in DragonBall Z, Dr. Claw in Inspector Gadget and Wolverine, Venom & Iron Man in a numerous Marvel series. From roles in X-men, Spiderman, Iron Man, Transformers & Lego Star Wars, to My Little Pony, Baby Looney Tunes, Hotwheels, & George of the Jungle, Brian’s characters can be heard everywhere.

Brian Drummond is a veteran of the animation VO industry. A career of almost 25 years has seen Brian voice some of the animation world’s most iconic characters.

To name a handful of the Anime roles Brian has voiced:

Vegeta (OVER 9000!), Yajirobe, Vegito, Pikon and many more (Ocean Group Dragonball Z), Zechs Merquise (Gundam Wing), Ryuk (DeathNote), Benny (Black Lagoon), Allen Shezar (Escaflowne), Yasu (Nana), Hayato (ProjectArms) Blurr, Shockblast, Jetfire & Jolt (Transformers Armada,Energon,& Cybertron), Renkotsu (Inuyasha), Hambeard (Hamtaro), Andy Waltfeld (Gundam Seed), and Skullman, Whaleman, Snakeman, & Heatman (Megaman NT Warrior)...

A few of Brian’s traditional & CG animation roles:

Wolverine (Wolverine vs Sabertooth, Wolverine vs Hulk, Wolverine Orgins), Iron Man/Tony Stark (Marvel Vid Comics) Extroyer (Max Steel), El Diablo Nacho (Slugterra), Venom (Spiderman Unlimited), Garu (Pucca), Mr.Cake, Filthy Rich, Sherriff Silverstar, Double Diamond & many more (My Little Pony), Dozer, George, Breakout (Dinotrux) Kruncha, Nuckal (Ninjago), Bobby, Watto, Zeb (Lego Star Wars), Harley (Kid vs. Kat), Merlok, Axl, King Halberd (Lego Nexo Knights), Witch Doctor (George of the Jungle), Dad & Skits (Martha Speaks), Geronimo (Geronimo Stilton), Copernicus (Packages from Planet X), Clyde, Buttocks & Buttler (PacMan & the Ghostly Aventures), Dr.Claw (Inspector Gadget & the Gadgetinis), Hermes, Hephaestus (Class of the Titans), Streaky (Krypto the Superdog), Floyd & Elmer Fudd (Baby Looney Toons), Sonic Sumo, Buena Dad (Mucha Lucha), Jetstorm (Beastmachines), Twobad, Stinkor (He-man and the Masters of the Universe), Venom (Spiderman Unlimited), Kurt Wylde (Hotwheels), Sherman & Krytus (Hotwheels BattleForce 5) Matau & Onewa (Bionicle), Keo (Yakkity Yak).