1 day workshop
Instructors: Noel Johansen & Devon Quelch

Essentially covering “the business of the business”, this information-packed day will teach you what you need to do to thrive in the voice-over business. The morning is dedicated to teaching you the strategies necessary to take your career to the next level, including powerful marketing tactics, branding exercises and how to communicate and approach agents, studios and casting. The afternoon will be a tutorial on building a home voice-over studio (for a range of budgets), breaking down the anatomy of a sound studio, and learning how to edit your work using various types of popular software. This workshop will empower you to create your own business model in voice-over. 

  • Create a trajectory for your career in voice-over - one that’s realistic within your time frame and budget
  • Find out how you can make voice-over a full-time or part-time career
  • Find out business contacts for Commercials, Animation and Narration (studios and casting)
  • Find out how to work on-line from your home studio
  • Find out how to negotiate your own rates for various types of projects
  • Learn how to figure out your own personal branding in voice-over and to make the most of it
  • Learn about the earning potential in voice-over and what amount various types of jobs pay
  • Learn which agents to approach and how to approach them and how to find them
  • Learn free ways of marketing yourself on-line
  • Learn how to put together a sound panel vs commercial products
  • Learn how to operate various popular types of software for both PC and MAC
  • Learn the do’s and don’ts for recording with your microphone
  • Learn which are the best mics to use for home studio recording 
  • Learn about Sound interfaces, pre-amps, compressors, monitors, headphones


Next workshop:

Saturday February 18 10am - 5pm
Cost: $175 + GST
Location: OTM Studios, 101 Powell St., Vancouver, BC, V6A 1G2

Business of Voice-over
** Please make sure that the email you use to register with on Paypal is one that you check often.  You are officially registered in the class once you receive an email confirming your deposit.  Please look for this confirmation email from  Sometimes it will land in your junk mail folder.