Audition Workout Weekend

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Audition Workout Weekend

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Animation Audition
$599 + GST (2 payments of $299.50 + GST)
Class Hours: 1 class/week, 14 hours instruction, 6:30 - 10 pm
Instructors: Adriene Lindsay
Class Description: The Audition Workout is designed for students who have professional experience and/or have trained in our process and practice animation classes and are looking to hone their skills to be competitive in the professional market. The class includes discussion about the business of voice-over and has a fast-paced work ethic with challenging material.

This class is one of our professional development level classes. Students will need to have an understanding of their vocal range, their audition process, and an understanding of the business. It is highly recommended attendees of the workshop to participate in at least Animation 2 or to already be actively auditioning for animation roles.

Next Session: Saturday and Sunday July 6 / 7. 10 am - 5:30 pm 2019 (Open Spots)

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  • Receive candid, constructive feedback on your voice-over skills and advice on how to get to the next level.
  • Learn about what is expected from you in an audition room and how to deliver consistent, quality work that will get you brought back in.
  • Identify and work on shedding bad habits that are holding you back in the work.
  • Choose material that is challenging and/or that you’ve always wanted to work on.
  • Invent new characters to add to your repertoire through improvisation.
  • Use material recorded in class to cut together a voice-over demo.
  • Receive all of your recorded work on an mp3 at the end of each 4-week session.