Animation Practice - Level 2 (Weekend)

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Animation Practice - Level 2 (Weekend)

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Animation Practice - Level 2 (Weekend)
$550 + GST (2 payments of $275 + GST)
Class Hours: 2 day weekend workshop, 14 hours instruction
Instructor: Brian Drummond or Peter New or Michael Adamthwaite
Class Description: Using the tools and techniques from Animation Process - Level 1, the focus of this program is on STORY. Using your knowledge from Level 1, students will learn how to integrate CHARACTER into STORY and the many techniques to establish context and story arc, lifting character from the page onto the mic. Brian Drummond is not only one of the top voice talents in Vancouver but one of the top in North America. He has worked on massive global projects and has voiced some of the most iconic characters in Anime, animation, and other projects.

Animation 2 gives Voice-over students and established actors a workshop to practice and refine their animation voices through feedback and performance. If you think you need more time to establish a creative process check out our level 1 workshop, if you’re looking to see what it’s like to go through a Prelay session check out Animation Prelay (Animation Level Three)

Next Session:

  • Saturday and Sunday August 17 / 18. 10 am - 5:30 pm (Full)

  • Saturday and Sunday November 2 / 3. 10 am - 5:30 pm (Open Seats)

Please email us to be put on the interested list if class is full.

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  • Work on using your authentic self in all of your reads

  • Practice coming up with at least 2 distinct reads on each piece of copy that still follows the direction given

  • Get very specific on your branding and work with appropriate copy that falls within your market and vocal range

  • Get prepared for your DEMO, either for the class or for an individual demo session

  • Continue developing what you learned in LEVEL 1

  • Expand your vocal and emotional range with all of your reads

  • Develop your ability to self-assess, measure and self-direct

  • Work in actual animation pre-lay sessions to understand timing, process and technique

  • Hone your characters to get a better understanding of which ones you are most likely to get hired performing

  • Develop a faster method of processing direction

  • Learn how to work better with voice directors

  • Receive all of your recorded work on an mp3 at the end of each 4-week session.