Online Foundations of Voice-over

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Online Foundations of Voice-over

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Online Foundations of Voice-over
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Class Hours: 1 class/week, 8 hours instruction
Instructors: TBD
Class Description: The On-line Foundations of Voice-over class is the perfect solution for people who are unable to attend an in-studio class at On The Mic. Using our video conferencing platform students will be introduced to the three main areas of voice-over: commercials, animation and narration. Through their experience of the class, they will discover where their strengths and interests lie and receive support in setting up the next steps for their voice-over career.

Requirements for the class: a computer, internet connection, standard web camera, basic microphone, computer speakers or headset to participate in this class.


TBD Spring 2019

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  • Become familiar with mic technique, studio etiquette and industry terminology
  • Explore your vocal range, in terms of characters and age
  • Achieve clarity, diction, and pronunciation of speech
  • Learn how to break down a voice-over script 
  • Receive direction on your reads and apply it to the next take.
  • Discuss basic business elements such as voice over agents and demos.

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