Private Coaching


Private Coaching

from 60.00

Audition/Private Coaching $125 Per Hour

Career Coaching/Consulting $125 Per Hour

MP3 Coaching $125 Per Hour

VOICE DOCTOR (Erin Aubrey) - $95 Per Hour

Home Studio Set-up Consulting with Devon Squad $99 Per Hour

To book a coaching, call Harrison at (604) 669-0654.

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Private Coaching - Audition/Skill Level/Career
On The Mic offers private voice-over coaching for students who are either preparing for a specific audition, or would like a more customized approach to their ongoing training.  Or if it's a career consultation you want, we can evaluate where you are, what you're looking for and best next steps to get there. $125 an hour + GST

Coaching is available in person or over Skype or Ichat. Hourly rates vary by instructor.   OTM coaches have been through it all and have either personally experienced or seen every scenario.  Working in this type of dynamic is valuable no matter what your particular level.

MP3 Coaching - In Studio Recording
Do you have an MP3 audition you need to get done and into your agent right away?  OTM offers recording in studio, either with coaching or without.   Harrison, our coordinator, will record your auditions in house and if you want coaching from one of our coaches/instructors, we can provide that as well.

$60 an hour no engineer.

$80 an hour with engineer.

$140 an hour with engineer and coach.

VOICE DOCTOR with Erin Aubrey
If you have any issues with your voice: vocal placement, resonance, being on and off your voice, diaphragmatic breathing, vocal power etc., Erin is uniquely adept at identifying and resolving your vocal issues - not only is she very well trained, she just has the gift of amazing observation and hearing.  If you are moving forward in your voice-over training and career, she is an absolutely necessary stop on the bus.  

Home Studio Set-up Consulting with Devon Squad
Have you got a space in your home somewhere to record auditions and/or bookings for voice-over?  Have you purchased equipment such as a microphone, sound interface and recording software?  If you need help in setting up your home studio we can help. 

Devon Quelch is On The Mic Training’s official ‘Geek Squad’ rep and can help you with all of your home studio needs.  His vast knowledge about how to best set up a room, microphone, sound interface and recording software will take all of the mystery out of the process and have you recording on your own - producing high quality voice-over auditions (depending on the quality of your gear) in no time. $99 an hour + GST