Demo Reel Production


Demo Reel Production

from 599.00

Professional in Animation or Commercial, or Narration - $999

Kids and Teen's Demo's (Ages 9 - 17) - $599

In voice-over, your demo reel is your calling card. It’s a collection of voice samples that showcase your sound, range and style, allowing Casting, Studios and Agents to hear what you can do before bringing you in to audition or booking you for a job. 

On The Mic offers demo reel production to students whose voice-over skills are market-ready. A common mistake is creating a demo without first investing in sufficient training. With only one chance to make a first impression, it’s important that your demo showcases a skill level that is competitive in the market, and is professionally produced.

For adults a specialized demo for different areas is the best approach, so it’s best to prepare for the animation, commercial, and narration demo’s separately.

Kids and Teen’s demos are more of a medley of animation and commercial Voice-over, this demo is more focused on highlighting the quality of the individuals voice than lots of character work.

When you make your demo with us, what's included in the production is the cost of the Studio, Engineer, Director, as well as the mixing and editing fees.  

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Are you Demo ready?

  Making a professional Voice-over demo is a big investment, and it can be hard to know if you’re ready to make the leap to a fully mastered and directed demo. The On The Mic Training Demo Production service is $999 + GST which factors is studio time, director time, and the mastering engineer who will be working on your demo over multiple rounds of feedback. We believe a demo should be the best reflection of your current talents and most importantly that the commercial spots, or animation clips of your demos should sound like are actually broadcast on air.

Here is a checklist to consult if you are thinking of producing your demo:


An animation demo requires a large range of voices and characters.  Whether you’re a veteran actor who has been auditioning for animation for a while, or an OTM student who has been training for months, this is how we recommend you approach the demo:

  • PROCESS: Write down and record a 10 - 15 second sample of each of your voices / characters, listen and adjust your delivery as needed.  When you think you have 10 - 12 voices that you can maintain, emote in, and have practiced and adjusted for direction then you should have someone in Animation review them.  If they are impressed, then you may be demo ready.

  • CHARACTER CREATION: You should write the script for each character in order to best represent that voice, include direction to make it clear where sound effects will aid the scene. Be sure to think about the direction you have received in class, and how best these voices might be used on your demo, what are your strongest characters (the ones you are most likely to book off of, make sure these voices are really ironed out).

  • FEEDBACK: If you want feedback on these please email and we will happily listen to these and try to give you some direction or if they are all excellent then the demo production process can begin.


A commercial demo is a highlight reel of different versions of yourself in the commercial world that you have mastery over. They should represent both an artistic/emotional range and an industry range of products, showing off the subtleties of your delivery and showing an awareness of the context of the copy:

  • Look through the OTM script bank, look online, listen to recent commercials that you think match with your voice and style and come up with around 8 final scripts.  Find messages that you believe in, products you like and start there.

  • Record them, and refine them. Direct yourself to the context of the spot, how this spot fits into your existing styles - is truly a reflection of you? Remember the demo should sound conversational but reflect the different people you are talking to. Use the lessons learned in class to show range. Each spot should range from 10 - 15 seconds.

  • If you want feedback on these please email and we will happily listen to these and try to give you some direction or if they are all excellent then the demo production process can begin.