Demo Reel Production


Demo Reel Production

from 599.00

Professional in Animation or Commercial, or Narration - $999

Kids and Teen's Demo's - $599

In voice-over, your demo reel is your calling card. It’s a collection of voice samples that showcase your sound, range and style, allowing Casting, Studios and Agents to hear what you can do before bringing you in to audition or booking you for a job. 

On The Mic offers demo reel production to students whose voice-over skills are market-ready. A common mistake is creating a demo without first investing in sufficient training. With only one chance to make a first impression, it’s important that your demo showcases a skill level that is competitive in the market, and is professionally produced.

When you make your demo with us, what's included in the production is the cost of the Studio, Engineer, Director, as well as the mixing and editing fees.  

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