ADR / Dubbing Level 2


ADR / Dubbing Level 2

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ADR / Dubbing Level 2
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Class Hours: 1 class/week, 14 hours instruction, 6:30 - 10 pm
Instructors: Jack Cox
Class Description: The pre-requisite for this class is ADR / Dubbing Level 1 or for students who have already worked in dubbing in some capacity.  

ADR / Dubbing Level 2 is intended to challenge students as if they were in an actual dubbing session working on a series or movie.  Instructor Jack Cox (Ocean Studios) will assign students with a range of difficult material and to achieve a performance that would meet broadcast quality standards. Aided by professional engineer Colin Wind, the class will be fast paced, packed full valuable lessons and designed to give you a professional experience.  The goal of this class is for attendees to be clear about the actual demands of dubbing and to get them studio ready to be up for any challenge that comes with a session or an audition.

Next Session: Sunday June 15th 2019  10 am - 5:30 pm (One Spot Left)

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