The OTM Access Membership is the perfect solution for people who are looking for a way to continue their career momentum between classes or up their game while they're training.  It's a way to connect and receive feedback with your fellow voice-over actors, have access to a broadcast quality voice-over booth 4 hours a month, have access to a voice-over script library, recording software classes and discounts off of private coaching.  This comprehensive set of tools will give you everything you need to take your skills and voice-over career to the next level!

With the OTM Access Membership you'll get all this for only $99/month (with a 6 month commitment). 

Month to Month $139/Month
3-Month Commitment $119/Month
6-Month Commitment $99/Month


  • 4 Hours of Recording Studio time per month.  Schedule 1-Hr of studio time per week through our website in Studio B any time between 9am-4pm Monday-Friday.  ($240 value)  (This does not include an engineer.  Member must be able to operate recording software.)

  • Recording Software Instruction Classes.   To help you operate and learn how to record your auditions and sessions, learn one type of recording software per week in our recording software instruction classes.  (Pro Tools, Adobe Audition or Garage Band).

  • Peer Voice-Over Workout.  Workout in studio with your peers twice a month (engineer included) – to practice your reads and get feedback.

  • Power Group (Career accountability).   Meet twice a month for one hour with your peers.  This is a 'next steps' meeting to discuss your goals with a group of invested members.  A group leader will chair the meeting and each member will have 5 minutes to talk about their next steps and ask the group for advice and tips. It's truly "powerful" because it makes you and your peers responsible for your goals in a constructive and supportive environment.  

  • Voice-over Script Library.  Make training and demo prep that much easier with access to hundreds of hard copies and on-line versions of voice-over scripts for commercials, animation, dubbing, video games, narration and more.

  • 10% Discounts Off Private Coaching/Career Consult/MP3 Coaching.  Take advantage of working with private coaches and move your skills and industry knowledge forward.

*When signing up for your bookeo please distinguish yourself as an Apprentice or Pro.

*Apprentice - Someone who is training but does not have agent representation or a demo.

If you're an apprentice and haven’t made your demo yet, the OTM Access Membership will help you move in the right direction while you're training or in between training.  Connect with other up and coming voice-over actors and access the key information that means everything when starting something new.  With the OTM Access Membership you'll be connected to everything you need to continue moving forward.  Plus, prep for your demo, work on your auditions, learn how to operate recording software and save money on the cost of private coaching.  

*Pro - Someone who is actively looking for voice-over work, is represented with an agent and/or a member of an on-line casting website and has at least one professional demo.

If you’re a pro and have your demo and are actively auditioning for jobs, the OTM Access Membership will help you improve your booking ratio, expand your range, have a reliable and professional studio to work in, and become more present in the marketplace.  If you're isolated in your booth auditioning from home every day, how can you grow on your own?  With the OTM Access Membership you will have an opportunity to grow and learn with your peers on a constant basis and have all of the resources a pro needs to take your career to the next level.

To apply for a membership:

1. Create an account, and sign in into the customer area below

2. Click on Membership

3. Tick the Enroll button

4. Select the membership

5. Make a payment (you will be billed monthly, but you can cancel anytime)