Michael Adamthwaite



Michael David Adamthwaite was born Sept 1, 1981, in Ontario, Canada; entered the arts in his community theater program in the mid 1990's at the age of 8. After landing a role on a BBC production while living abroad in England, (Little Lord Fauntleroy) Michael returned to Canada to pursue theater. He moved to Vancouver British Columbia to pursue screen and voice acting professionally in September of 2000. In the years since, Michael has etched out a career as an Actor, Writer, Teacher, & Voice Over Artist; with over twenty years in the Arts, and over one hundred Film and Television credits to his name. 

Michael’s most notable credits include,

(Film) Cold Pursuit: Santa, War for the Planet of the Apes: Luca, The BFG: Butcher Boy, Horns: Eric Hannity, WARCRAFT (2016): Multiple Roles, Hector & the Pursuit of Happiness: Jake, If I Stay (2016): Petrie, Sucker Punch: Trooper, Watchmen: Bar Knot Top, Twilight New Moon: Chet, Red Riding Hood: Soloman’s Scribe, Chronicle’s of Riddick: Merc Crewman, Walking Tall: Burke, Maximum Conviction: Collins

(TV) Van Helsing: Dennis, Supergirl: Cooper, Excorcist:  Greg, Stargate SG-1: Her’ak, Once Upon a Time: Alistair, Motive: Milo Kranc, Red Widow: Rodney, Smallville: Rick, Andrew Connors, Supernatural: Bill, Fringe: Agent, Sanctuary: Albert Russo, Psych: Rory Derkins, Kingdom Hospital: Carl Anderson.

(Voice) LEGO Ninjago: Jay, Iron Man Armoured Adventures: Justin Hammer, Gundum Seed: Yzak Joule, Stand Alone Complex: Laughing Man , X-Men Evolution: Colossus, HULK Vs. : Balder, Next Avengers: HOT; Thor,  Fantastic Four: Prince Namor, Black Lagoon: Ginji Matsuzaki, Zeke’s Pad: Zeke, Hikaru No Go: Ogata, Rockman.exe: Dr.Hikari, Boys over Flowers: Tsukasa Domyoji, Infinite Ryvius: Fu Namchai.

(Select credits only, individual resumes available upon request).