Out of Town: Victoria - Commercial & Animation

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Out of Town: Victoria - Commercial & Animation

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COST: $575 + GST  (2 payments of $$287.50 + GST)

2 day weekend workshop
Instructors: Michael Adamthwaite, Kira Tozer

Perfect for people that can’t commit to a 4-week class and would rather learn it all in a weekend! Designed for people with ‘none to some’ Voice-Over experience, this comprehensive weekend workshop focuses on the two main avenues of professional voice-over (Commercials and Animation). This special clss wil be taught at Roan Sound Production.

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If you’re interested in starting a new career in Voice-Over, improving your current skills and/or exploring the Voice-Over industry, this workshop is perfect for you. (Participants in this workshop include a mix of people with no experience to people with some professional experience.)

Join a fun-filled, in-depth, in-studio workshop for people interested in working in/or exploring the Voice-Over business. This workshop takes place in a professional setting at a professional studio. While you're given the full opportunity to be vulnerable as you learn, you're in a real studio environment, which gives you "the professional feel" for what it's like to be in the Voice-Over business as a pro. This workshop focuses on maximizing your time On the Mic. 

  • Work in a professional studio, with industry-standard equipment
  • Become familiar with mic technique, studio etiquette and industry terminology
  • Learn your voice range, in terms of announcer reads, characters and age
  • Achieve clarity, diction, and pronunciation of speech
  • Tune your ear and develop consistency in your performance
  • Learn how to put together a home studio
  • Learn about where to find work on-line
  • Learn how to break down a voice-over script 
  • Receive direction on your reads and apply it to the next take.
  • Discuss basic business elements such as voice over agents and demos.
  • Receive all of your recorded work on an mp3 at the end of the class