Marice Tobias' "Tip of The IceBerg"

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Iceberg Blue.jpg

Marice Tobias' "Tip of The IceBerg"

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Voiceover is a lot like an iceberg…what it looks like on the surface is only that.

What it takes to get someone to the surface and stay there, enhancing and expanding the career once it is launched has everything to do with whether that career will take hold and stay afloat.

The whole story is much bigger and takes you below and beyond the surface of creative satisfaction of performing and into the depths of establishing yourself in the marketplace, gaining traction and building and maintaining from there.

To help guide you through these choppy waters, we’ve invited Marice Tobias, aka “The Voice Whisperer” to join us as we launch this new event at OTM.

Marice has been navigating these waters for a long time,  gaining a following of global clients and entities that are The Who’s Who of our industry.

Join us for this deep dive into what’s below the surface and gain a full understanding of:

  • The State of the Art and Industry, today: 

  • Home Studios Self-Driecting

  • Marketing, Representation

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