Marice Tobias Weekend Workshop


Marice Tobias Weekend Workshop

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Marice Tobias, aka “The Voice Whisperer™” 

Is the pre-eminent resource for the established, professional voiceover career.

      Voiceover Reality Check


Breaking in is one thing.       

Staying in is quite another.


This is the fundamental premise ofMarice Tobias, aka The Voice Whisperer, director, Tobias Entertainment Global, the pre-eminent training and marketing resource for the on-going voiceover career and those who hire voice talent.


Tobias believes communication is a “fashion-driven” business, with style as well as substance shifting as each group of social and cultural influencers take the reins of the collective conversation.


No matter where talent are based, it is essential to building and expanding career to develop a “fashion driven” sensibility and to continually update and refresh their approach to their work.


Your site toyour demos and most important of all, your reads, must exhibit a strong stand and point of view within the context of the current “ fashion statements” of voiceover.


Known for her uncanny ability to identify performance "speed bumps" and shift them in an instant, coach, producer and director, as well as guest speaker atindustry conferences and consultant to companies, agencies, networks and projects around the world, Marice brings awholly unique perspective to the VO conversation.



On the Mic is delightedbring her to Vancouver and to your career.

Our focus is defining, refining & distinguishing the unique Signature, enhancing delivery, overcoming creative blocks, expanding the footprint & reinforcing top-of-mind awareness in the ever-changing marketplace.

With an international following of top-tier talent, clients and those who hire them, Tobias began her career as a script supervisor & copywriter in New York, then became the first woman to direct commercials.

One of the creative heads of Wells Rich Greene/West, she ran the copy department as well as writing, producing & directing all advertising & marketing.

Receiving numerous awards, including the CLIO, she went on to write & direct films for Vestron, Disney, Means Street, Studio Free Studios, IMAX & PBS. 

A Director Associate of The Actor’s Studio, Story Editor for Sundance Institute and Director of Development for Carter Productions, she is Contributing Producer on the new feature documentary “VOICE GODS OF HOLLYWOOD” & has projects in development with Davis Group Entertainment/Los Angeles & Rowdy Productions/Dallas.

With the animated film “BIG BUG MAN,” Marice Tobias became Marlon Brando's last director.



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