Part-Time Voice-over Programs

On the Mic Training is now offering part time Voice-over programs for Animation Voice-over and Commercial / Narration Voice-over. This bundles of classes will include class savings, priority class seating, and a clear path towards Demo Production including a discount on Demos.

Animation Program

If you have ever dreamed of voicing cartoons, animated features, video games, or dubbing anime. This program teaches you the necessary performance skills for success and the industry standards expected of a professional Voice actor. This program will also teach audition craft and strategy to book jobs and perform well.

Commercial / Narration Program

The world of Commercials and Narration Voice-over is full of diverse content in all areas of radio, tv, and on-line media. Brands, companies, and schools are always looking for new content. This program teaches you how to be a skilled vocal perfomer for narration and commercials, but also how to best represent clients.