Podcast Studio

On The Mic Training now offers Vancouver's first ever professional multi-host/guest podcasting studio space. Our recording facility in Studio A offers a comfortable recording space where two or more people can have a conversation in an acoustically treated room. Isolated from the control room, an engineer or producer can communicate with talent without concern for microphone bleed. Need to bring in a remote guest from Skype? No worries, we got you covered.

To book podcast studio time please contact Harrison at info@onthemictraining.com to discuss rates and services.

Control Room

Our producer and engineering space is in an isolated room. Full access to a powerful Mac-based Pro Tools computer and PreSonus Studiolive console means you'll be able to leave with a high-quality uncompressed final product. There are couches in the control room as well for comfy pre-podcast talk or if you want to bring a guest to observe.

 Michael Daingerfield: Voice-over actor, instructor, podcaster

Our main podcast desk includes Røde booms and Audio-Technica BP40 dynamic microphones. These microphones have an exceptional range that capture the nuances of the human voice, as well as reject a off-axis and rear sound so that more "you" is heard and less of the person sitting sitting across the table.

 Michael Daingerfield: Voice-over actor, instructor, podcaster

Intimate Conversation

There's no substitute for a face to face conversation. When you sit down with your co-host in person, you'll experience the dynamic of human conversation, something that can be vague when you're talking to someone in a remote call and can't see them, or have to deal with poor audio quality.

 Audio-Technica BP4073 shotgun microphone

Audio-Technica BP4073 shotgun microphone

Guests: Audio-Technica BP4073 Shotgun

Guests can utilize Audio-Technica's BP4073 shotgun microphone. This is a broadcast quality microphone with extreme directionality, which means you don't need to worry about your guest having perfect microphone technique. They can sit farther away from the microphone and be comfortable, which lends itself to a better interview.