The Gold Package

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The Gold Package

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The Gold Package is for voice-over talent looking to make a statement with their sound.  The package comes with broadcast quality gear that will be perfect for your home studio auditions, recording sessions and more.  Included is a top quality microphone from audio-technica, the AT4040, (the microphone we use at On The Mic), it has an option to turn on a high frequency filter which will reduce possible room noise. The M40x headphones will pick up more frequencies than most. The 4.5 inch studio monitors will provide absolutely fantastic sound so when you’re editing your records you can really hear the difference.

SCARLETT 2i2 MK2 - 2 channel USB Interface. $209

AT4040 - Superb quality Condenser Microphone (The same that we use at OTM) $429

ATH M40X - Superior quality and build Audio-Technica Headphones. $149

GFW-MIC-2120 - Adjustable Microphone stand with one hand adjustable clamp. $69

GFW-MUS-1000 - Adjustable Music Stand. $59

AT8313 XLRF-XLRM - 10 foot XLR cable $25

Dual Eris E4.5 - Superb quality monitors that allow you to really hear your edits. $269

Total - $1209 + GST

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This package we recommended for anyone who has a serious commitment to Voice-Over as everything in this package is professional quality and will meet your Voice-Over needs for years to come.