The Silver Package

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The Silver Package

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An excellent quality recording package capable of recording high quality audio for auditions or even home records. You can feel confident in this package that it will handle every job you throw at it. Featuring an excellent AT2050 microphone, 2 channel scarlet interface and featuring quality studio monitors and headphones. This package will do the job for years to come.

SCARLETT 2i2 MK2 - A quality two channel USB interface that has two XLR microphone inputs. $219

AT2050 - A great mid range condenser microphone that will meet most people’s needs for Voice-Over and podcasting. $319

ATH-M20X - Great headphone monitors for Voice-over work, the same that we use at the studio. $69

GFW-MIC-2120 - Adjustable Microphone stand with one hand adjustable clamp. $69

GFW-MUS-1000 - Adjustable Music Stand. $59

Dual VL-S3 3" - A great pair of Studio monitors for editing and mixing. $139

Total - $874 + GST

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A great recording package for voice-over talent requiring a broadcast quality sound.  Record quality mp3 auditions, listen back on quality monitors and upgrade in the future at anytime to step up your game.