Voice and Speech


Voice and Speech

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COST: $425 + GST  (2 payments of $223.13 INCL GST)

1 class / week, 4 weeks
Instructor: Elizabeth Mclaughlin

This class will be an introduction to Voice and Speech work, focusing on the basics of Breath and Body release, Resonance and Speech Skills. It will aim to awaken and release your natural voice, introduce you to the possibilities your vocal instrument through exploration of breath, resonance and sound. You will be encouraged to create a vocal practice to use in support of your other work at OTM and in the field and prepare you for the other levels of Voice and Speech study in the future.

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Specifically, you will:

  • Work in a professional studio, with industry-standard equipment
  • Introduced to the ideas of grounding, release, body dynamic & breath.
  • Begin the process of creating a vocal warm-up your performer.
  • Begin the process of exploring your breath patterns.
  • Begin the exploration of the speech apparatus.
  • Do Physical warm up focusing on performer’s base and awakening a sensation of your spine.
  • Explore and release of the holding places of tension.
  • Explore of physical collapse and how it affects your breath and speech.
  • Breath meditation
  • Begin the exploration of the vocal apparatus.