Imagine Becoming a Voice-Over Professional!


Foundations of Voice Over

On The Mic’s Foundations Program allow students who are completely new to voice-over to learn the basics. You will be introduced to the three main areas of voice-over, commercials, animation and narration. Through your experience of the class, you will discover where your strengths and interests lie and receive support in setting up the next steps for your voice-over career.

Animation Voice-Over

We offer a comprehensive animation program in which students learn character development, telling story through character, and how to navigate all the various forms of animation from animated/anime series’ to relay cartoons and movies.  Expand your range of characters, solidify your process and improve the time it takes to get from a character on the page to a character on the mic. 

Voice Over for Commercials

Develop your announcer and character reads for radio and television commercials, as well as your narrative reads for documentaries and corporate videos. Expand your range in the 3 pillars and hone your skills in the 9 states while reading copy, all the while amassing material appropriate for your demo.

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Kids & Teens

Kids and teens are booking an increasing number of voice-over roles each year. Kids & Teens voice over classes are designed for young performers aged 9-17 and cover the fundamentals of commercial and animation voice-over. Students learn industry expectations and are guided through many scripts and exercises to give them the tools to book the role.

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